Tuesday, 20 September 2011


The rains spill over into September as an earthquake wells up from within and sends hilly North India into turmoil. A small shower can cascade a mountain slope – we’ve encountered scores of landslides, fortunately post the actual calamity. They cause so much terror, heartbreak and destruction.
Simultaneously in Gujarat, Modi fasted; and along with him were two counter-fasts. Several fasts too many for a slow moving behemoth of a country like ours. Bureaucracy and red tape never need to rear their ugly heads here because they are perennially upright for downright corrupt reasons.
The best thing that I’ve heard in a long time is that we are breasting the finishing tape of Kalyug, and Satyug is just around the corner – a giant leap from the Iron Age to the Golden Age. This point in time is apparently a Sangam of the two yugs, where we purportedly cast off the yoke of a decidedly seamy age and embrace an unblighted future.
You guessed correctly that we, Child included, completed the meditation or Rajyoga course at a Kolkata centre of the Brahma Kumaris close to our house. It was not so much meditation that we learned from our designated teacher, but a clear and almost facile enlightenment of our true selves. It’s a course worth attending for it actually awakens you to the possibilities that exist within you. I don’t think I will ever feel the need to lose my shirt or criticize another being after this course. The implications are just not worth it for me.
For those not enthused by more awakening in the name of religion, I must add that the teaching is totally secular and compatible with any faith across the globe.
Child is in baking mode. Like the Medicare advertisements for tackling lice, she bakes ‘Sunday to Sunday’. Then she photographs her confectionary to mail to her long list of drooling fans, chiefly her brother whose Sunday evening conversations these days are peppered with ‘wow’, ‘awesome’, and, occasionally, ‘I want to come home...!!’
Spouse and Child are now gymnocrats so the gateaux have no effect on their corporeal frames; but it is an entirely different kettle of fish as far as yours truly is concerned for she also serves those who don’t watch their weight!!

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  1. with baby taking up baking as a hobby maybe you should join papa and moll at the gym!