Saturday, 9 July 2011

Gold rimmed spectacles

I'm at the age when spectacles are de rigeur. If I have to wear them, I'll go for the gold rimmed goldfish variety, preferably dangling on a gold chain. It would contrast beautifully with my turning-to-silver tresses. I remember my mother running her fingers over the ivory keys of our piano, and belting out a song she learned from her English  music teacher decades ago in Africa. The lyrics went, "darling, I am growing old......silver threads among the gold...." Ever since, I've been spellbound by a union of the two metals.
We saw Delhi Belly recently. It was a good film, but the toilet scenes and the cockroach on the pizza are creating their own havoc within me. My stomach heaves ever so often. I actually enjoy most of Aamir's films. I really appreciated Taare Zameen Par, and Three Idiots was tres bien in my lexicon. Actually, my son plays a miniscule role in that film, so I never fail to watch it everytime it comes up for viewing on TV, even though I've seen and enjoyed it on the big screen. I intend to watch only the parts in which my son appears, but willynilly get drawn to watching the whole film!
I watched another interesting film recently - a Japanese film called 'Butterfly on the Ganges'. Believe it or not, it was in a language I don't understand, so there was a lot that went over my head - but Indians should see this film to get a perspective on how we appear to visitors, from the moment they land at our airports. It is both complimentary to and critical about us, and is an amusing watch to boot!


  1. Good good luck :) I'd be willing to feature as a subject of your posts ;P

  2. Good for you Roma! Look forward to reading more of your stuff!!