Monday, 11 July 2011


Three followers now. My entourage is growing!
 I had a conversational English class with my Japanese student today, and enjoyed it as usual. She is keeping an interesting diary, and I suggested that she also start a blog. At present she is a trifle reluctant to, but I’m sure she will come around to the idea sooner, rather than later.
She and her husband have just returned from a short holiday to Italy and have had a refreshing time. I could tell that from her happy demeanour and perky manner. She claimed to be suffering from jetlag and a spill over of sea-sickness caused by motor-boating through the streets of Venice, but I saw none of that. She brought me a beautifully monogrammed handkerchief, from either Milan or Venice, as a gift. I have never seen the like of it before. A little birdie tells me that I may never use it for the purpose that it was created. Perhaps it will pass on to my descendents as a sort of family heirloom with sentimental value! I must also give her a token amount of Re1/- for it. I seem to recall, in the deeper recesses of my mind, someone telling me that handkerchiefs should not be gifted to friends. Since she is a friend more than a student, I must pay for it to preserve the friendship.
Several years ago, a friend of my son’s and his family visited Italy. Among other tourist spots, they visited Rome and ventured to see the ruined Colosseum. At the entry barrier, where an apparently fat entrance fee was requested, a group of Indian tourists, in classic Indian style, suggested to the attendant that only half the fee be charged since there was only half the structure remaining for them to see! Needless to say, this elicited chuckles all around, and even the taciturn sentinel behind the counter or turnstile broke into a smile!

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